2011 Legislative Session Building Codes Division Law Change Course

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Welcome to the online Department of Consumer and Business Services, Building Codes Division Law Change Course.

In calendar years when the legislature meets in regular session, the continuing education for building officials, inspectors, and plans examiners must include at least one division-approved class covering new laws that impact the Building Codes Division. Completing this online course will fulfill this requirement for continuing education.

There is an introduction and 4 bills covered in this course. Please read each summary carefully and then answer the questions related to the summary. You will not be able to go to the next page unless you answer the question. Each question is listed separately and after you have answered the question, the following page gives you the answer to the question on the previous page and the reasoning behind that answer.

You must complete the entire training during one session, so allow one hour to read through the summaries and answer the questions. Incomplete responses, where all the questions are not answered, will not be accepted. You will have a link at the end of the course to a PDF copy of the bill summaries to print for your reference. There is also a link to a certificate stating your completion of the course and the fact that the course is worth 2 continuing education credits. BCD will also have a record of your progress through the course. Please be aware that these 2 hours of continuing education credits cannot be applied toward your electrical license renewal.

* Please supply the information below to help us with our records and to receive credit for taking this training.

* Please provide your Building Official Certification number or your Oregon Inspector Certification number.