To support outcomes tracking within career pathways as students move from K-12 to community college, the Chancellor’s Office and LaunchBoard team worked with the California Department of Education to create a draft crosswalk of program codes, which is available at

This crosswalk can be used to support pathways mapping processes that are underway for projects such as SB1070 and the California Career Pathways Trust. It will also be used to create intersegmental metrics in the LaunchBoard Program Snapshot and Common Metrics tabs.

The draft crosswalk serves as an important starting place, but pathway mapping efforts that are currently underway are likely to clarify where the crosswalk needs to be amended. Please help us improve the crosswalk by completing this survey.

This survey is organized by the community college Taxonomy of Program (TOP) codes. Go to the two-digit TOP where you want to give feedback and then answer only the questions for the specific data elements where a change is needed.

Question Title

* 1. In addition, if you have overall comments about the crosswalk, you can make comments here.