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* 1. Please use the following rating system to evaluate each session/activity:

1 - keep session AS IS (make no changes)

2 - keep session but MAKE SOME CHANGES (e.g. topic should be covered but by a different presenter, session should be shorter/longer, want more time for discussion, etc.)

3 - omit / replace session

N/A - did not attend

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Week 3
Intro to Course (Anderson)
What is Social Medicine? (Anderson)
Meaning in Medicine (Tattelman)
Setting the Agenda (Korin)
Bus Tour of the Bronx
Reproductive Health Advocacy
Health Care on Rikers Island (McDonald)
Mass Incarceration (Drucker)
Social Medicine Hit Parade 
Substance Abuse (Bancroft)
Transitions Clinic (Medina; Anderson)
LGBT & Transgender Issues
Prison Visit:  Rikers
Prison Visit:  Sing Sing
Prison Visit:  Bedford Hills
Prison Visit:  Middlesex County
Week 4
Human Rights Clinics
Immigration and Detention
Cambodian Community in the Bronx
Introduction to Occupational Health (Johanning)
Introduction to the Bronx District Public Health Office (Bedell)
Home Visits (Swiderski)
Social Determinants of Health at the Point of Care (Lax; Sharif)
Bangladeshi Breakfast (Nerob Restaurant)
SAPNA (Karasz)
History of the Bronx (Ultan)
Meet the Chairman (Selwyn)
5 Rhythms
Week 5
History of Social Medicine at Montefiore (Megan Wolff)
Meet the President (Safyer)
Patient Centered Medical Home (Soloway)
Service as a Way of Life (Tattelman)
Dinner at Antonio's
Pulling it All Together (Duggan)
Tracks within Tracks; Preventive Medicine
Lunch at the Cambodian Temple
Card Study: 
Group Project

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* 2. Please explain the rating you gave each session/activity. Be as specific as possible! We want to know what you liked about each session, what improvements you might suggest, and why you would omit/replace certain sessions.

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* 3. Do you find the Orientation Month website useful?

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* 4. Briefly comment on specific things you learned that you plan to apply to your clinical practice.

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* 5. Additional Comments: