The City of Largo will soon update the community’s Sustainability & Resilience Action Plan. The revised plan will examine the strengths and weaknesses of social, economic, and environmental conditions within the community, and explore ways for the City and community to create mutually beneficial outcomes in these areas.

Largo is seeking eight individuals to serve as Community Connectors to help shape the plan. Connectors will link Largo with community groups that currently face vulnerabilities like housing insecurity, poverty, racism, language barriers, and others that can intensify the impacts of climate threats. Community connectors will help strengthen the community-driven planning process by leveraging their strong, existing connections with these groups and individuals.

What will Community Connectors do?
As the Sustainability & Resilience Action Plan is developed, Community Connectors will seek input from targeted stakeholders to help determine the city’s priorities. Their voice will be reflected in the shared plan on how to deal with the impacts of climate change, social, economic, and environmental conditions within the community.

Community Connectors may conduct engagement efforts in a variety of ways that would work best for their community. For example, a Community Connector could gather feedback by attending events, hosting cookouts, listening sessions, small meetings, casual conversation with neighbors, setting up a comment box, or any other method that the Community Connectors believe will be helpful in creating dialogue and getting feedback. We encourage Community Connectors to bring in relevant arts, culture, and music into their outreach efforts. Have fun, be creative!

The Community Connectors will also attend meetings with City staff (up to two per month) throughout 2022 to share this feedback and help ensure that the voices of communities on the frontlines of climate change are elevated as the plan is developed.

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