Dear Lambeth Working Network Partner,

Lambeth is currently a borough of great opportunity, with Vauxhall Nine Elms developments underway and significant planned developments starting in 2016 affording thousands of job opportunities both during the construction phase and for ‘end-use’ jobs. A key priority for Lambeth Council is to ensure that these opportunities translate into meaningful benefits for Lambeth residents - and we need your help to do that in a co-ordinated and effective way that maximises outcomes for local people.

Lambeth Working is undertaking a mapping exercise and review of the Provider Network, to produce a comprehensive picture of provision in the borough, identify opportunities for joined up working, and where there may be gaps in service provision. 

Those of you who attended the last Lambeth Working Provider Forum were introduced to a five stage strategic mapping tool, called the ‘Lambeth Jobs Delivery Pipeline’. This Pipeline recognises the various stages that an individual takes in their progression towards work and organises activity at a local level to map and plan a journey of progress from Stage 1 'Engagement' to ‘Stage 5 'In-Work Support': 

Stage 1 – Engagement

Where employability can be gently introduced via your service's main activities e.g. health centres, addiction support; housing or debt-related support, leading to the identification of needs and development of action plans.

Stage 2 – Barrier Removal 

This relates to addressing the potential barriers some people have - or perceive they have - in considering work e.g. confidence building, literacy and numeracy support, criminal record disclosure, or non-traditional employability provision e.g. debt/homelessness.

Stage 3 – Vocational Training & Activity

This stage relates to the preparation of people for employment through delivery of sector specific training, including college and university programmes, activities to promote entrepreneurship; job/sector specific tailored routeways into work; or accredited pre-employment training for core skills e.g. ICT, food safety, or CSCS cards.

Stage 4 – Supporting Job Entry 

This stage may entail employer-bespoke pre-employment training (including Sector Based Work Academies), employer engagement, job brokerage activities; providing immediate support to an identified job entry (clothes for work, PPE, travel costs and funding for specific training/certificates needed to access an identified job opportunity).

Stage 5 – In-Work Support 

In-work support and ongoing pastoral care for candidates may include advice and guidance, advocacy, career development support, buddying/mentoring schemes, aftercare support packages linked to previous interventions, occupational health support, training to support business start-up, and development of in-house apprenticeships affording opportunities for in-work progression.

In addition to contributing to an essential mapping process, completion of this survey will serve as formal application to register as a Lambeth Working Provider, and ensure that you continue to receive notification of employment and training opportunities, funding opportunities, updates and information from Employment & Enterprise at Lambeth Council.

The survey is designed to be simple, and should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. You can submit more than one response from the same email address – for example if your organisation runs multiple projects. Please also feel free to forward the survey link to another person within your organisation, or any other organisations delivering services to Lambeth residents who may not already be on the Lambeth Working network. 

Thanks for your help.

Dawn Redpath
Head of Service - Employment & Enterprise
14% of survey complete.