Please take this opportunity to share your thoughts on the topics shown below by completing this survey.  Your responses will be combined to help identify local needs and suggest projects and actions to be prioritized.  This survey can be taken by a variety of people that know Lake County by working or living here.  The information you provide will be summarized to help develop the FY17-21 Lake County Consolidated Plan, a required strategy to plan for the use of approximately $1.6 million dollars from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that is awarded to the Board of Lake County Commissioners on an annual basis.  The general needs measured in this survey cross several categories that relate to the HUD funding sources of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME):   HOUSING, PUBLIC SERVICE, INFRASTRUCTURE, ECONOMIC  DEVELOPMENT, COMMUNITY FACILITIES, SPECIAL NEEDS, and HOMELESSNESS.
The design of this survey allows people to answer the survey one or more times depending upon the role selected in Question #1. Once you pick the role  (Resident, Business, Agency, or Official) stay with that role for the entire survey.  The role selected will likely influence your responses.  Answers are required to those questions marked with an asterisk.  You are welcome to answer the survey more than once, since we realize people may fulfill more than one role.  As an example a person who is a resident of Willoughby City but works for an agency that serves all of Lake County could provide one complete survey as a Willoughby City resident (selecting that community in Question 2) and a second complete survey as a representative of that countywide agency (selecting All of Lake County in question #2).   If answering as a Resident, please note that your answers to the final questions (Q.# 20 - Q. #27)  will help us know if we have reached a broad audience that is representative of Lake County. You are welcome to provide your email contact information at Q. #18 if you would like updates. If answering as a Business, Agency or Official it may not be necessary to respond to certain questions that ask for a more personal view.   Agencies/ Businesses/Officials responding (particularly those interested in CDBG/HOME) are encouraged to provide their contact information in the comment screen on question # 18.  Thank you for your time and help.  Your input is essential.

* 1. Please select only one role each time you answer this survey. You are answering this survey as a ...

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