The purpose of the Lafayette Square Strategic Plan is to develop a blueprint for achieving the neighborhood’s vision for the future. Public input will be used to identify the neighborhood’s hopes and aspirations, its strengths, and the issues residents consider most important to address.

Responses will be summarized with no individual responses identified. Results will be used only for purposes of the strategic plan.

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* 1. What best describes your relationship to Lafayette Square?CHECK ALL THAT MAY APPLY.

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* 2. What are Lafayette Square's greatest assets? Rank the options below in order with 1 being the greatest asset.  You can indicate your ranking with the drop-down menu next to each option or drag-and-drop.

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* 3. What are the biggest challenges facing Lafayette Square over the next five years? Rank the options below in order with 1 being the challenge you consider the most threatening.  

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* 4. The Lafayette Square neighborhood is served by three organizations, each with a unique purpose. How familiar are you with...

  Very Familiar Somewhat Familiar Not at all Familiar
The Lafayette Square Arts Council
The Lafayette Park Conservancy
The Lafayette Square Restoration Committee (LSRC)

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* 5. How long have you lived in Lafayette Square?

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* 6. Complete this sentence to share your hopes for the future of Lafayette Square: In 2025 and beyond, Lafayette Square will be:

Thank you for completing the survey!

If you have any questions about this survey or the development of the Strategic Plan, please contact Beth Quindry with Shockey Consulting, 314.497.3126 and beth@ shockeyconsulting.com.

Stay tuned to more opportunities to get involved with the Lafayette Square Strategic Plan through Lafayette Square NextDoor, the Lafayette Square Community Facebook page, the Lafayette Square Restoration Committee website, and block captains.
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