Thank You for Your Participation!

Mobility - how we move around downtown and beyond - is constantly evolving. Thoughtful investment in parking and transportation policies, programs, and infrastructure is needed to improve services and attract growth to downtown Laconia.  To this end, the City is embarking on a multi-phase project to develop and expand access for all members of the community. 

Laconia engaged Walker Consultants to assist with this endeavor and we would like to hear from you, a valuable stakeholder in this process. We want to learn more about the parking and transportation patterns of current residents, business owners, employees, and visitors, with a goal of understanding your parking and transportation preferences to help the city with planning for the future.   

Please take a moment to answer the questions that follow. Total time to complete the survey is about five to seven minutes. We realize that your parking and mobility choices may change from day to day, however we are asking that you tell us about your experiences on a typical day.