Fall 2017
Policy and Progress Survey

For those who are not residents of the Lac La Ronge Region: Thank you for your interest in this survey, but you must be a resident of the Lac La Ronge Region communities to participate.
For more information on the Lac La Ronge Region's Community Alcohol Management Plan please follow this link:
Lac La Ronge Region Community Alcohol Management Plan October 2017
Canada’s Low Risk Drinking Guidelines can be reviewed at:

* Please check area that you live:

* 1)    Do you believe there are problems with alcohol in your community?

* 2)    Are incidents of alcohol related harm in your community

* 3)    Are you aware that La Ronge, Air Ronge and Lac La Ronge Indian Band have a Community Alcohol Management Plan (CAMP)?

* 4)    Are there changes you would like to see to policies or laws related to alcohol?

* 5)    Presently there are six licensed premises in the La Ronge area.  Five of these are downtown. Should the number of bars in Lac La Ronge region

* 6)    Presently there are two off-sale liquor outlets in La Ronge.  Should the number of off-sale outlets in the Lac La Ronge region

* 7)    Currently off-sale outlets can remain open until 3:00 am.   Should Lac La Ronge region off-sale outlets close earlier than 3:00 am?

* 8)    Currently the hours liquor may be sold are daily between 9:30 am and 2:00 am.  Should the hours of liquor sales in Lac La Ronge region be decreased?

* 9)    What changes to liquor sales in Lac La Ronge region do you support? (Check all that apply)

* 10)    Do you think a free permit should be required for purchasing large quantities of alcohol that shows proof of purchase and plans for transportation and storage?

* 11)    Should people show government ID (ie. treaty cards, driver’s license, health cards) to purchase alcohol?

* 12) Should there be a data base that tracks sales of alcohol similar to the tracking of treaty numbers in sales of tobacco on reserve?

* 13)    Should alcohol sales be prohibited at events intended for young people (check all that apply)?

* 14)    Should there be alcohol-restricted zones in your community?

* 15)    Do you think there should be a managed alcohol program (wet house) in the La Ronge area where those with severe alcohol use disorder are provided supervised, stable, housing and get hourly drinks of prescribed alcohol?

* 16)    Should liquor vendors be more closely monitored for compliance with provincial and municipal laws (eg. age restrictions, hours of operation, serving to intoxicated people)?

* 17)    Should server training be mandatory for all volunteers or staff serving alcohol?

* 18)    Should taxis in the community be required to provide service as late as the bars stay open?

* 19)    Should licensed facilities be required to provide some form of access to a safe ride home?

* 20)    Should liquor establishments be required to post signage such as the following (check all that apply):

* 21)  Should vendors and special events be prohibited from announcing last call?

* 22)    If a tax on alcohol is implemented locally, what is an appropriate rate?

* 23)    Should stores be required to refuse the sale of non-beverage alcohol items (such as hairspray, rubbing alcohol, and mouthwash) without a minimum $30 purchase of additional items not containing alcohol?

* Your Suggestions: