How Are We Doing?

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We are committed to providing you with real time support for patient care that increases safety and satisfaction for patients and for you. Since the hospitalist program started two years ago we have learned a lot about how to work with you to help patients.

We now really need to learn, from your point of view, if we are helping patients and what we can do to help you be even better at what you do. So tell us, how are we oing?

(All submissions are anonymous.)

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* 1. Overall, how do you rate the quality of the hospitalist services we provide?

This includes our encounters with you, patients, physicians and training drills. With these things in mind tell us generally how we are doing. Please share your comments freely. They can only help us improve.

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* 2. Please rate us. How did we do on your shift today?

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
Responded promptly when called
Communicated clearly and effectively
Communicated courtesously annd professionally
Worked as a partner with you and fellow nurses
Provided assistance that improved patient care
Responded promptly to patient and physician concerns
I was personally treated with respect by hospitalist
Hospitalist services were valuable on my shift

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* 3. What date and shift are your responses to this question related to?


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* 4. We pride ourselves on living out our mission which is to increase safety and the quality of care for our patients.

What level of confidence do you have in us to deliver hospitalist services that improve safety and the quality of care for our patients?

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* 5. When we started the program we wanted to provide you with customized training that was relevant to the needs of labor and delivery. We heard from you in our last survey that training on shoulder dystocia and post partum hemorrhage was important to you.

Since then we have worked with many of you on training drills that cover these important topics. We have also met with you to have debriefing sessions after major emergencies.

Tell us what you think about what we have done so far.

  Very Helpful Helpful Not Very Helpful Did not participate
Shoulder Dystocia Drill
Post Partum Hemorrhage Drill
Debriefing Team Meeting

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* 6. What should we do more of?

Your response to this question will help us work more effectively with hospital administration so we can advocate for additional hospitalists and nurse training opportunities.

Select as many topics as you like.

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* 7. Share, Share, Share

Do you have a compliment/suggestion/complaint or comment to share? If so please enter below.