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By answering this survey, you submit your data to the Portuguese Space Agency - Portugal Space, which will use it in the way it sees fit, namely for the purposes of preparing, updating and disseminating the Portuguese Space Catalogue and processing statistical data on the space sector. Apart from the indication of the contact person and the coordinator/CEO responsible, whose consent to the collection of the identification data for this purpose is expressly given, no personal data is expected to be collected. Any questions regarding the collection of personal data shall be addressed to the Portuguese Space Agency - Portugal Space (through
The Portuguese Space Catalogue aims to showcase Portuguese space related companies and research centres, promote their business, and increase the outreach of the Portuguese space ecosystem both within Portugal and internationally.
General Notes:

To be considered for the Portuguese Space Catalogue 2023/24, the replies to the questionnaire must be finished by 20th February 2023.

Any reply submitted at a later stage will be used in future updates of the Catalogue.