1. Please write your name and email in the designated boxes.

2. Where did you hear about this survey?

3. Please enter your child(ren)'s age of adoption, present age, and country of adoption in the designated boxes.

4. What, if any, medical diagnoses or deficiencies did your child recieve or have within the first year of adoption?

5. What were some foods you brought with you on your adoption trip that your child enjoyed?

6. What orphanage or native culture foods were/are your child's favorite that you had to learn how to make? Please include the name and main ingredients of any recipes.

7. The transition diet is one you develop to help bridge the gap between your child’s native diet and what eventually will become his or her regular diet at home. The transition diet often includes recipes and foods from the native diet. Did you find transition foods to be necessary as your child adapted to their new culture?

8. If you answered yes to the previous question, what foods did your child most readily eat immediately after adoption?

9. What were the problems you faced, if any, in feeding your child and getting your child nutritionally healthy?

10. What advice do you have for parents with a newly adopted child? Any feeding tips or other ideas for helping the child easily transition?

11. Would you be willing to...

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