Raptor Ambassador Program Survey

* 1. How would you describe the Raptor Ambassador Program you just attended?

* 2. Overall, did you enjoy the program? 

* 3. Did you learn about hawks, owls, falcons, turkey vultures as well as their eating habits and habitat? Check all that apply

* 4. DId you learn about the things that make a raptor a raptor (beak, talons, keen eye sight, etc.)?

* 5. Did you learn about some of the most common ways that raptors are injured or sickened because of human contact? 

* 6. Was it interesting to touch the samples of wings and talons of various raptors? 

* 7. Would you like to attend another presentation by Hoo Haven in the future? 

* 8. Would you please help us by stating which program you attended? Please comment with the name of the place and the date. Thank you!