Lhaq'temish Foundation

The Lhaq’temish Foundation, Tribally Charted Non-profit since 1997; the foundation and its board determined the mission statement: 

Nilh Xwenang Tse Schelangen Este Nexw Xwlemi (this is our way of life in Lummi) - a healthy, giving, and prosperous community to strengthen our people through cultural, social, and economic abundance. 

Dear Applicant,

The Lhaq’temish Foundation Sharing Our Gifts program purpose is to build a healthy, giving and prosperous community by strengthening our people through cultural, social and economic abundance.  This program provides support rewards to grassroots community projects led by Lummi tribal members working hard to raise funds and meet the cultural, educational and social needs of our community.  

This program has been established through Lhaq’temish Foundation fundraising efforts.  Our Board of Directors recognizes that there are needs in our community that are grassroots and worthy of financial support to increase your ability to carry on your important work for the Lummi people.  This is a matching fund intended to reward the hard efforts of groups that are working to raise funds to meet their needs - it is a hand-up not a hand out. We have limited funds for this program, therefore we have a few limitations to ensure we can maximize charitable funding resources.  This program is to support grassroots projects; it is not for programs already funded by the tribal government or community contributions.  We would like to reach community efforts most in need of support.  

If you have any questions about this form or your participation, please contact the Lhaq'temish Foundation at (360) 312-2144. 


Lhaq'temish Foundation