In 2009, Franklin County launched a pilot project to streamline civil lawsuits between businesses, among shareholders or partners within a business, or addressing insurance coverage for such cases. Newly filed commercial cases falling into those categories were transferred to the pilot program's Commercial Docket.

Franklin County judges voted to join the pilot project in the hope that it would expedite handling of commercial cases in what is now the busiest common pleas court in Ohio in per-judge filings. The larger goal of local judges and state officials was to aid business development efforts, as Ohio competes with other states that already offer comparable business courts.

The pilot project is now coming to an end and we'd like your feedback as the court considers making the docket permanent.

* 1. Have you had a case on the Commercial Docket?

* 2. Should the Commercial Docket continue in its current format as a permanent program?

* 3. Please provide specific comments regarding your desire to continue, eliminate, or modify the Commercial Docket.