Analytics for Kid's Apps

You develop kid's apps for iOS, and you've either wondered about analytics, or you currently use analytics.

This survey is intended to learn how we as a group (MWA and SVAfK developers) think and use analytics, whether 3rd party or home-brewed, in kid's apps.

* 1. Do you currently use any 3rd party code in apps you develop?

* 2. If you answered Yes to question 1, what 3rd party code do you use?

* 3. Do you currently collect analytics or other data, whether using a 3rd party service or not, in apps you develop?

* 4. If you answered YES to question 3 above, what is your primary purpose for using analytics?

* 5. If you answered NO to questions 3, are you interested in using analytics in apps you develop?

* 6. Do you feel that collecting analytics about how kid's use mobile apps could hold benefit for you as a developer?

* 7. Disregarding COPPA and impact on your app's user experience, If you could use analytics in your app to answer one key question about how kids use your app, what would that question be?

* 8. Are you familiar with COPPA: what the requirements are, what "COPPA compliant" means, and what the consequences can be of not being COPPA compliant?

* 9. Where do you see the greatest potential for growth for your kid's apps and brand?

* 10. (This question is specific to SmarTots - asking it to understand how best we at SmarTots can help you) Would you be interested in licensing your apps for publishing in the China App store with a China-local marketing partner?