2019 - 2021 Geraldine High School Strategic Goals

The Geraldine High School staff and Board of Trustees have looked at the possible strategic goals for the next 3 years and this has resulted in 4 draft goals around areas that will allow our students to have a future focused education that meets individual needs along with an academic focus to their learning.

We would like to hear from you on these proposed draft goals.

We have decided to continue with 1 goal from our last 3 years due to the fact that we have made progress but as a staff we believe that this still needs to be prioritised.  This is our commitment to:

Biculturalism - we are continuing to focus on the qualities and knowledge needed for our students that also recognises the language and history of New Zealand.
As part of the Kahui Ako Communities of Learning we must include the goal from this area in our strategic planning.  

COL Goals - These goals focus on the Transition of students from Primary to Secondary school as well as from Junior School (Year 8) to Year 9, Student’s Wellbeing, Numeracy and Literacy, and the area of NCEA.
The 2 new ones which meet the direction of education currently and will address the needs of our local students and community are:

Curriculum Structures - which looks at the best teaching in our school and a timetable where the focus in all decisions in this area are that they are purposeful and relevant.  We can achieve this by investigating contemporary school structures and practices and then designing a specific Geraldine High School version that is the best fit for our students.  We would be looking at areas from compulsory subjects, to the length of periods, to curriculum areas working together which will optimise student agency (student choice).
Innovative Pedagogy - This is to focus on teaching and learning practice that is current, in context, and that which utilises a range of methods to support the learning needs of our students. This includes greater student agency (student choice), design for learning and the implementation of the digital curriculum.

Please indicate your support by grading each goal.

Thank you for your feedback on this important area as we look to the next 3 years of planning.

Kind regards

Simon Coleman

Sally Prattley
Board of Trustees, Chairperson

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* 1. Biculturalism

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* 2. Communities of Learning (CoL) 

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* 3. Curriculum Structures

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* 4. Innovative Pedagogy

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* 5. Please comment on any other areas that could be considered as a strategic goal.

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