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* 2. Your email address (we will send your official invitation to this address, should you be selected):

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* 4. Your company's name:

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* 6. Briefly outline your company’s activities related to mobile application development (on Windows Mobile and any other platform). Does your company produce any mobile content?

* 7. Which one of your current apps would you be willing to port to the Samsung Omnia II, and then distribute via Samsung Application Store, in order to receive your Samsung Omnia II device.

* 8. Please provide a short description of this app (the type of description you would see on an online application store).

* 10. In order to attend the Samsung Application Store UK Developer Day you must agree to porting an existing app to the Samsung Omnia II and distributing it via Samsung Application Store. In return you will receive a free Omnia II device. Do you agree to this?