Food Scraps to Compost

The Housatonic Resources Recovery Authority in collaboration with the Town of Redding has kicked-off the town wide organics (food scraps) drop-off program.

According to the EPA more food reaches landfills and incinerators than any other single material in our everyday trash. Food waste shouldn’t be burned or landfilled: it's wet and heavy which doesn't make burning it at a Waste-to-Energy facility efficient for energy content and creates methane in landfills. The US EPA has identified landfills as the single largest source of methane. It is a potent greenhouse gas that is twenty-three times more efficient at trapping heat than CO2.

Out of the 37 million tons of food waste generated in the U.S. only 5% is being captured to be processed into compost, leaving the other 95% going to landfill or Waste-to-Energy. Compost added to gardens, construction sites, and poor soils makes great things happen! Compost is a unique soil amendment because of its ability to hold moisture and soluble minerals. Properly composted organics are beneficial: It maximizes plant growth, it's effective at preventing soil erosion, it aids in stream and land reclamation, it helps with storm water management and construction sites, it reduces the need for fertilizers and pesticides and its overall soil amendment is to improve soil health by increasing the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil.

Redding residents who sign up for the organics program will receive a free collection kit (1 gallon kitchen collection bin, 6 months of compostable bags, 6 gallon carry container, educational material and more). Residents may bring their organic waste to the Recycling Center on days of operation. The cost to dispose of the organics is .10 cents a pound, which is less than the cost to dispose of your household trash.  This program is designed to save you money on your household trash expenses.

By providing your contact information, The Town of Redding and the HRRA will be able to contact you regarding program information, announcements and news.  Your information will not be shared with any other party and will only be used for this program.

ONLY FOOD Scraps are allowed in your bin.  No PLASTIC items, stickers, rubber bands or twist ties!
Acceptable Food Waste Items for Organics (Food Scraps) Recycling Program:
* Meat, Poultry (bones also) Fish (including shellfish)
* Dairy Products
* Flower & Vegetable Garden Waste
* Houseplants & Flower Bouquets
* Fruits & Nuts (including pits)
* Vegetables ***Remove stickers, bands and ties***
* Bread, Pasta & Grains
* Sauces, Soup & Gravy
* Coffee Grounds & Filters
* Tea Bags
* Egg Shells
* Plate Scrapings

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* 1. Would you like to sign-up for the food scraps recycling program at the Recycling Center?

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* 2. Do agree that it is your responsibility to place only the acceptable items in the organics container, free of contamination such as rubber bands, stickers and twist ties that come with some produce. Do you agree that you will keep plastic and other non-compostable items out of the container?

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* 3. Here is my contact information so that you may contact me regarding the program.  I understand that my information will not be shared with any other party or used for any other purpose but for this organics program.