What S'UP paddle people?! Hope everyone is enjoying winter, but it's about time to start thinking about spring! You know what that means... time to get back on the water with Yoga State on our stand up paddleboards!

We had so much fun teaching you last summer and sharing the unique SUP experience. We are already thinking about the next SUP season. In order for us to share this super fun sport with as many people as we can, we need your help.

Please help us by filling out this quick survey. Thank you so much! We are so EXCITED to see you out on the WATER in a few months!

* 2. What is the best day of the week of paddle? Pick your best two days.

* 3. Should more basic paddling instruction be added to the class?

* 4. Would you like more free paddle time?

* 5. Last year, where did you hear about our SUP classes?

* 6. If you have any other suggestions or comments about SUP classes, please write them here. Thank you!