* 1. My husband and I love to take road trips together. There's just one problem. He likes to "wing it" and go wherever the road leads, and I like to use the GPS to make sure we don't get lost. When you travel to an unfamiliar place, what do you rely on to see you safely to your destination?

* 2. When taking a trip I'm not very adventurous. I like to go to places I've always gone, the same beach, getaways and family homesteads. Where do you like to go when you get the chance to travel?

* 3. I like to travel with my feet firmly planted on terra firma. What's your favorite mode of transportation for a long trip?

* 4. I've gotten lost on a trip or two, mostly from listening to the co-pilot in the car, who didn't trust the GPS. If you've every been lost, how did you get "found" again?

* 5. When traveling, I rely heavily on road signs as the visual cue that I am on the right path. What do you rely on to assure you are going the right way?

* 6. When I was a teenager, I had to leave in a hurry because of hurricane Agnes, flooding our home. We could only take the clothes on our back as the waters were rising too fast to take anything else. If you had to leave in a hurry, what ONE thing would you take with you and why?

* 7. This is a course about Communication on the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad is a:

* 8. If you had to travel at night using only the stars as your guide, how would you go about doing this?

* 9. Have you ever helped anyone in need? Why did you do it?

* 10. What do you know about quilts?

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