* 1. How well did Art from the Heart gallery fulfill its mission of showcasing work from underrepresented and vulnerable populations?

* 2. How well did Art from the Heart gallery fulfill the following goals?

  Extremely Very Somewhat Not at all Not sure
Empowered and fostered a creative outlet for exhibiting populations.
Enriched the community by educating them on the population's district perspective.
Expressed the narrative power of art through the participating populations.

* 3. How well did Art from the Heart gallery accomplish the following activities?

  Extremely Very Somewhat Not at all Not sure
Artists acted as representatives of the gallery space allowing spectators to interact with the population while viewing art.
Receptions and events were held during exhibits to encourage community interaction.
The Creation Station, artist work area, allowed visitors to create art on the premises, thus promoting interaction with the exhibitors and the community.
Interactive projects and informational materials were available to educate the community.

* 4. How important is it for Art from the Heart to expand into the following services?

  Extremely Very Somewhat Not at all Not sure
Monthly lectures and workshops focusing on an issue regarding the exhibiting population.
Greater diversification of populations.
Greater emphasis on community art-making.
Greater ability to interact with exhibiting population.
More educational materials on premises.

* 5. Which format do you believe would most successfully deliver Art from the Heart's services?

* 6. Please rank the following populations based off of how well you believe they benefited from Art from the Heart's services. 5 represents the populations who most benefited and 1 represents the populations who benefited the least.

  1 2 3 4 5
Participating Artists
Outside Artists
Community Members

* 7. Please indicate how you heard about Art from the Heart gallery:

* 8. Do you believe that you learned anything about any of the population's who displayed work? If yes, what is one thing you learned?

* 9. If you could make one change for the gallery, what would it be?

* 10. Do you have any other comments or suggestions that would improve the Art from the Heart gallery?