Spiritual Excellence Halo Award Nomination Guidelines

Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards Gala - Saturday October 3, 2020
Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards
Awards to honour and acknowledge the spiritual successes of individuals and groups that continue to make an impact in the Spiritual community!
- Presented by Amber Price

Nominations are quick and simple!

  1. There is no fee to make a nomination
  2. Self-Nomination is permitted. Nomination in multiple categories is permitted: each nomination counts as one vote
  3. 2 Votes permitted per day
  4. Nominations can be made in 10 different categories as outlined on www.amber-price.com
  5. All nominees must currently be a practicing Spiritual or Holistic Professional/Practitioner
  6. Verification will be required to ensure award eligibility. Ensure nominations are in most relevant category, as the verification of eligibility will be required, to remain in the running for the category or award
  7. The nominee with the most votes in each category will be presented the Spiritual Excellence Halo Award trophy. In the event of a tie of votes all finalist nominees will be equally recognized
  8. The Top 5 nominees in each category will be presented with a Spiritual Excellence Halo Certificate of Excellence. In the event of a tie of votes all Top 5 nominees will be equally recognized
  9. The "Amber Price Spiritual Excellence Halo Award" is the ONLY category in which Amber Price will choose the winner who has satisfied all of the category criteria. The finalist will be chosen from the nominations submitted by peers/self for this category. All other 9 categories are solely chosen by peer/self nominations.
  10. All nominations must be received by the July 31, 2020 11:59 p.m. deadline.

August 14th, 2020 by 6:00 p.m. the top 5 nominations (the nominees with the most nominations), from each category, will be announced on Amber Price's web page! 
In 2019, a whopping 14,000 nominations from each category chimed in! Good luck with all your future endeavors! See you in October!

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