Program Needs Assessment - Women's Cardiovascular Program at OHSU

The Center for Women's Health and the Knight Cardiovascular Institute have partnered to create a Women's Cardiovascular program. One element of the plan is a survivorship program for women who have experienced a heart attack or other significant cardiovascular event.
We are seeking community input to make sure that the program we develop is the best it can be. Please provide your feedback and help define this new service.

1. What is your experience with cardiovascular disease?

2. If you have had a significant cardiac event, how long ago did that occur?

3. Have you heard about cardiac survivorship programs before?

4. Most survivorship programs offer monthly meetings where cardiac survivors (and their families) can connect to those with similar experiences, have an opportunity to share stories and concerns, and learn about updates in cardiovascular medicine.
If this was offered, would you participate in this kind of monthly meetings?

5. Would you be more likely to participate in cardiac survivorship monthly meetings if the meetings were:

6. If you were to attend a monthly survivorship meeting, what time of day would be the best? 

7. Many programs offer "mentorship"- partnering an experienced survivor with a newly diagnosed patient. Part of a Mentor's responsibility includes visiting cardiac patients while they are still in the hospital.
Would you be interested in participating as a mentor?

8. How much would you be willing to pay annually to participate in a heart survivorship program?

9. There will be an educational component of all or most meetings.
Please mark all of the topics you would be interested in learning more about:

10. What would you find particularly helpful in a survivorship program?

11. What is your age?

12. What is your gender?

13. Would you be interested in participating in a focus group or follow-up phone call to further discuss programs and activities that may be offered through the OHSU Center for Women’s Health?

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