The City of Rochester is working with neighborhood planning consultant Bergmann Associates to create a new and exciting neighborhood improvement program, and we would appreciate your input! The purpose of this survey is for you, the people living and working in the neighborhood, to tell us your vision for the future of the LYLAKS study area.

The LYLAKS study area is located in northwest Rochester, just outside of Center City. LYLAKS is bounded by I-490 to the south, the Genesee River to the east, the CSX railroad to the west and Lyell Avenue/Bloss Street to the north. The LYLAKS study area includes parts of the Dutchtown, JOSANA, Edgerton, High Falls, Brown Square and Lyell-Otis neighborhoods.

We want you to tell us what you feel are the current needs of the LYLAKS study area, what opportunities you want available here, what is preventing us from becoming a better community and what needs have to be met to make sure the future of the community remains bright.

If you would like more information about the project or have any questions, please contact Jane Forbes at the City of Rochester:

Jane Forbes, Environmental Specialist
City of Rochester Division of Environmental Quality
City Hall, Room 300B
30 Church St.
Rochester, NY 14614

Please complete this survey in order to help us answer these questions, and remember, our future can only be successful with your help!