1. Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for your continued support of the Anderson Township Park District. In an effort to provide the best service to our community, we are asking for your input on this short satisfaction survey. This information will help us understand what we can do to improve the quality of our programs, facilities, events and parks operation. Thank you in advance for taking time to complete this survey. Your reply will be anonymous unless you wish to be contacted by a Board member or staff. Again, thank you for your support of the Anderson Township Park District!

1. Are you registered to vote in anderson township?

2. What is your zip code?

3. Age Bracket:

4. Sex:

5. How many people are living in your household?

6. What age groups are included in your household? Check all that apply:

7. How often do you visit Anderson Parks?

8. What types of facilities would you like to see added to our park system?

9. Why have you visited Anderson Parks in the past?

10. Overall, how satisfied are you with the Parks & Services at the Anderson Township Park District?

11. How do you typically learn about Anderson Township Park District programs and events?

12. Please feel free to give us any additional comments or suggestions you are willing to share. The Anderson Township Park District is always working to better improve our parks system. Thanks again for giving us your input! If you would like a response please provide your name and contact information below.