Tillage growers and crop advisors/agronomists are urgently needed to take part in a survey including seed collection, of black-grass and Italian ryegrass. These grasses are increasing and we need to know their herbicide resistance status to develop effective control strategies.

Why is this survey necessary?
Black-grass and Italian ryegrass are the most important herbicide-resistant weed in Europe. To date in Ireland, we have located and tested black-grass populations to find 13 out of 25 populations (52%) were resistant to ACCase (e.g. FOPs and DIMs) and/or ALS (e.g. Pacifica) herbicides. With Italian ryegrass, we found 6 out of 14 populations (43%) were resistant to ACCase (e.g. DEN, FOPs or DIMs) and/or ALS (e.g. Pacifica, Broadway Star) herbicides. We strongly suspect there are more resistant populations out there. We need help to: 

·         map the frequency and distribution of black-grass and Italian ryegrass,
·         sample and test for herbicide resistance

Who should take this survey?
Tillage growers who currently have identified /strongly suspect black-grass and/or Italian ryegrass on their land. Agronomists/advisors may also provide survey and sample information with the growers consent.

How long will it take to complete the survey?  
About 5 minutes.

How will this data be shared and protected?
The participants’ identity and their individual results will remain confidential. Participants will receive their own results. Summarised and anonymised survey data will be shared with researchers, agricultural policy makers, advisors and, growers to allow improved control strategies to be developed and implemented.

Questions about this survey should be directed to project staffs:

John Mahon (ECT project Advisor, Teagasc)

Vijaya Bhaskar (Weed researcher, Teagasc)