Welcome!  This is the scholarship application for the Sacramento Buddhist Meditation Group's 2018 Residential Retreat, "Waking Up in Daily Life: Using Calm Abiding to Open to Awakened Awareness with Dan Jorgensen and Claudia Hansson" held on May 2 - May 6 2017

All scholarship applications are due February 27, 2018.

* 1. Do you attend SBMG regularly?

* 2. Are you willing to volunteer for SBMG in the future?

* 3. The expected obligation for scholarship recipients to pay is $200.

* 4. Use this for open-ended comments.  Fill this out if you have anything additional thoughts or if have an idea how much you'll be able to contribute if it differs from the expected contribution of $200. 

* 5. Name?

* 6. What is your email?

* 7. What is your number?

By clicking the "Done" button, you are submitting a scholarship application for the SBMG 2018 Residential Retreat on May 2 - May 6, 2018 with Dan Jorgensen and Claudia Hansson of Clear Mountain Wisdom in Auburn, CA . Please note that our scholarship money is limited, and we will be working with you to the best of our ability.  The initial two questions will only be used for evaluation if scholarship needs exceed our available funds. Angela Scarlett, the registrar, will be contacting you shortly.  Her email is angela.scarlett@gmail.com or her number is 916-612-8442 if you have any questions.