Survey for Coaches and Volunteers

Do you think children with disabilities should have access to high quality sport and recreation programs and services? Do you think there is more that could be done to improve access? 

We are exploring ways to help make sports and recreation programs and services more accessible for children and youth with disabilities and their families. One idea is to establish an Academy for Accessible Sports – an organization committed to increased participation of children and youth with disabilities in sports and recreation through improved access to high quality programs, coaching and supports. 

The Academy for Accessible Sports aims to increase access and participation of children and youth with disabilities in sports and recreation.  Its goals are: (1) Support and strengthen existing sport/recreation programs and infrastructure (2) Develop new programs, infrastructure and services to meet the needs of the under-served (3) Provide knowledge, resources and supports to organizations to pilot, implement and deliver new sports and recreation programming for children and youth with disabilities, (4) Improve coordination and optimization of knowledge generation and transfer with the specific aim to enhance opportunities and programming, and, (5)  Coordinate and develop training and knowledge generation for leaders, coaches, instructors and volunteers to improve access and inclusion and/or create and deliver new programming. 

The overall goal is to increase levels of physical activity and literacy, and promote physical and social development of children and youth with disabilities. 

This survey explores the potential roles an Academy could play in helping and supporting coaches and volunteers work effectively with children and youth with disabilities and providing the skills and experiences needed to ensure that children can access, engage, participate and benefit from, sports and recreational programs and services. Your experience and input will be critical in shaping an Academy and defining the best ways it can support your needs.

All surveys are anonymous and the information will be used only for the purpose of this study. Thank you for taking the time to participate in our survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.