Event Feedback

* 1. I attended the following 2nd Floor Rear 2017 events:

* 2. How easy/difficult was it to find and attend events? If certain events were difficult to attend, which events were these and what made attending them problematic?

* 3. What methods of transportation did you use to get to events?

* 4. What were your primary motivations for attending 2nd Floor Rear?

* 5. I strongly prefer to attend cultural events that...

  Totally agree Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Totally disagree
Are near my house/work/local hangouts
My friends are also attending
Are free or low-cost
Serve alcohol
Feature work by my friends and/or colleagues 
Provide opportunities to socialize and meet new people
Champion a specific cause or social justice issue that I care about
Feature higher-profile or international artists/cultural figures
Are family-friendly
Are more participatory/interactive
Are more experimental/avant-garde
Provide an opportunity to try something new and unfamiliar
Are intellectually challenging
Are relevant to my career or studies

* 6. If I could change ONE thing about 2nd Floor Rear, I would change.... (Please explain in the "Other" comment box)

* 7. Want to sing our praises? Voice concerns? Offer constructive criticism? Have feedback regarding a specific 2FR 2017 event? Type now or forever hold your peace:

* 8. Here's a serious one: In light of recent events, we've been thinking a lot about what 2nd Floor Rear's role might be in the coming years. In your opinion, what should artists and cultural organizers be doing to fight policies and actions that harm their communities? How can artists and cultural organizers bolster their communities while maintaining a creative practice? In what ways can creativity and community organizing serve a mutual purpose? Where should 2nd Floor Rear go from here?