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Over the course of several years, the world has seen a major increase in diabetes. The condition is truly becoming an epidemic and many consumers have no other choice, but consume drugs and insulin to manage and control their disease. Isn’t there a better solution, which doesn’t require the consumption of potentially harmful chemicals? The International Council For Truth In Medicine is a compilation of doctors, who have reversed Type 2 Diabetes in just three weeks. If you have diabetes, you will definitely want to learn about their results and see whether or not they could help you! Below, you’ll learn about these doctors, their conclusions and how they can help you.

What Is ICTM?

What precisely is ICTM and what does it do? Well, ICTM stands for the International Council For Truth In Medicine and it comprises of a team of highly skilled doctors. These doctors want to be able to provide patients with a reliable alternative to insulin injections and prescription medications. During the group’s time, they’ve already helped over 17,500 patients with Type 2 Diabetes put an end to their need for insulin, blood sugar monitoring and prescription drugs. They also expect to help over 30,000 diabetics this year alone!

What Is The 7 Steps To Health?

7 Steps To Health is a comprehensive action plan for conquering diabetes. The doctors at ICTM have written the book. It spans over 500 pages. By reading the book, readers will be able to learn how to gain control over their health and obtain betterment in all facets. The easy to read booklet provides scientific studies and incredibly comprehensive medical research, which will help you better understand your condition. The book has already managed to help thousands of diabetics break free of their insulin and prescriptions. You could be next!

What Can Be Achieved?
The majority of consumers believe that diabetes is a lifelong condition, which will never go away. Although some people will struggle with diabetes for many years, you no longer need to do so! With the help of the ICTM, it is possible to eliminate your condition and return to a normal life sooner rather than later. Over the course of 3 weeks, 71% of patients were able to stop utilizing their diabetes medications, without any complications.

At the same time, a study conducted by the University of Kentucky saw 96% of Type 2 diabetes patients stop their insulin injections. Those with Type 1 actually decreased their doses by approximately 38%! Never before has diabetes patients been able to achieve such results. Below, you’ll learn about the results that can be achieved, by utilizing the ICTM’s program.
  • Stabilize your blood sugar levels
  • Rectify your insulin resistance
  • Completely eliminate neuropathy pain
  • Avoid diabetes related blindness and amputations
  • No longer need insulin injections or prescription medications
  • Return to a normal, happier, healthier life!

Despite the misconception that many people have, diabetes should not be considered a life sentence. By taking appropriate actions, you will be able to eliminate your problems and return to care free life.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Once you place your order, it will be processed and should arrive on your doorstep between 7-14 days. While many consumers may be skeptical about this paperback book, there was lots of time, dedication, and research put into the making of this informative diabetic reversal plan. In fact, the ICTM medical team is so sure that you will find this book helpful that they are willing to offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, you can ship it back to 7 Steps to Health and receive a 100% full refund.

Omitting Prescription Medications from Your Daily Regimen

Prescription drugs such as insulin are not the answer to your Type II diabetes. In fact, there are many side effects of prescription medications, with some of these being very severe in nature. If you are tired of those painful insulin injections, it is not to consider a more natural alternative to your diabetes. Contrary to belief, Type II diabetes mellitus is reversible and this can be accomplished by following the steps outlined in the 7 Steps to Health paperback edition.

Of course, you should not expect overnight results, but with a bit of hard work and dedication, you can become healthy and happy again.

Peripheral Neuropathy Pain “Gone”

One of the most common types of peripheral neuropathy pain is caused by uncontrolled diabetes. The peripheral nervous system is responsible for transmitting messages between the CNS or central nervous system and other parts of the human body. When this vast communication network becomes damaged, the victim can experience various types of symptoms. The pain, tingling, and numbness felt in the feet can extend all the way up the legs, making it very difficult to focus and relax.

By getting control of your diabetes, you can zap that annoying peripheral neuropathy pain once and for all.

My Experience

As someone, who has struggled with diabetes for an extensive period of time, I initially thought the struggle would continue for the rest of my life. Surprisingly, this will not be the case. After a friend told me about the ICTM and their Big Diabetes Lies, I decided to check it out and this was potentially the best decision I ever made! The comprehensive book is thorough in all sense of the word. It covers all aspects of the disease and provides statistics, research and medical studies to backup its tips and tricks. By following the book, I have been able to normalize my blood sugar levels and no longer need insulin injections. All patients, who are sick of their type 2 diabetes, should definitely check out this program immediately!

  • Very affordable and an excellent overall value
  • Booklet contains over 500 pages
  • Written by a group of doctors with the ICTM
  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee for your complete satisfaction
  • Can help diabetics put a stop to their insulin injections and prescription use
  • Available in digital eBook format or paperback
  • Has already helped thousands of patients
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Can help you avoid neuropathy pain


Enormous content must be read and followed, in order to achieve results

Overall Assessment

To put things simply, the 7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie is truly revolutionary. The group at The International Council for Truth in Medicine is set to shock the world and change the lives of millions of diabetes patients. The content provided is truly comprehensive and absolutely enormous. In order to reap the benefits, patients need to ingest all of the details and implement the included strategies into their life. By doing so, you’ll be able to reverse your diabetes and begin living a normal life once more.