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Thank you for telling us about your interests in developing corporate mobility relationships. If your department is already successfully providing these or similar services, whether referral-based or fee-paid, please describe them in the open comment section at the end of the survey.

Please consider your interest in the corporate service areas below within the context of supporting local corporate clients' needs. Do you notice any emerging trends that could evolve into potential revenue streams for your relocation department?

Using the scale below please select one choice that best describes your interest level for each of the following corporate mobility service areas:

* My interest in Inbound Global Assignment Services (i.e., specialized orientation, settling-in services, etc.) is:

* My interest in Enhanced Renter Services (i.e., escorted familiarization trips, lease negotiation, etc.) is:

* My interest in Pre-decision Services (i.e., departure home sale analysis, area orientation, pre-purchase BMAs, etc.) is:

* My interest in Custom Destination Services Packages (i.e., VIPs, new hires, repatriation, etc.) is:

* My interest in Temporary Housing Services (i.e., referrals, direct property management, etc.) is:

* My interest in Household Goods Transportation Services (i.e., referral relationships, established partners, etc.) is:

* My interest in Property Management Services (i.e., vacant properties, tenancy management, partnered services, etc.) is:

* My interest in Group Move Support (i.e., advisory services, group orientations, etc.) is:

* My interest in Asset Management Activities (i.e., short sale programs, REOs, distressed properties, etc.) is:

* My interest in Regional Information Resources (i.e., local market statistics & guides, smart buying & selling brochures, first time home buyer seminars, etc.) is:

* My interest in Mobility Policy Development Services (i.e., evaluation of real estate or mortgage-related components, written materials, etc.) is:

* My interest in Survey Services for Clients (i.e., destination services satisfaction, post-relocation, etc.) is:

* Is your relocation department successfully providing any of these or other specialized services to corporate mobility clients? If yes, please describe.

* If you answered "yes" to the previous question, would you be interested in our profiling your specialized services in a future Power Broker newsletter issue?

* Please tell us of any other corporate mobility service topics not mentioned in this survey that are of interest to you.