Please take a quick survey about the Community of Valdez Strategic Plan--approximately 10 minutes


"Our Vision: Capitalizing on the intrinsic qualities of our area and its people; creating a place our grandchildren will be proud to call home."

A strategic plan is a roadmap to a place you want to get to in the future. It tells you how to get there, what landmarks you’ll see upon the way, and how you know when you’ve succeeded in reaching your destination. Ultimately, the Community of Valdez Strategic Plan—our roadmap—will be used by the entire community, including City staff and civic leaders, residents, businesses, non-profit organizations, and others with a long-term interest in our community as a means to measure progress toward achieving our stated vision—our ultimate destination. For the plan to be successful, the residents of our community must be actively engaged in the planning process as navigators—identifying the Community’s short, medium, and long-term priorities. Our hope is each and every resident will see themselves within this plan and identify with the day-to-day activities that, together, move the Community toward our vision. For more information on the strategic planning process, visit the strategic planning web page.

Thank you for taking this survey and participating in the process.

—Mayor Dave Cobb

Note: As with any public process, participation in this advisory survey is voluntary. Information gathered will be provided to the strategic planning committee and will be taken into consideration in the final planning document.

All participants will be entered to win a $150 grocery gift card.

* 1. Tell us about yourself (name required):

* 2. How many years have you lived in Valdez?

* 3. Are you originally from Valdez? (If not, where did you live previously to Valdez?)

* 4. How do you get information about Community events or issues?

* 5. Do you consider strategic planning important for our Community?

* 6. How did you hear about the Community of Valdez Strategic Planning process?

* 7. Have you attended any of the strategic planning meetings?

* 8. Our Vision statement is “Capitalizing on the intrinsic qualities of our area and its people; creating a place our grandchildren will be proud to call home.”

In very broad terms, what does the Community of Valdez need to do to achieve this Vision?

This is a community-driven process. Many parties will be responsible for its success. The Goals, Objectives, and Milestones referenced in the questions below represent items important not only to the City of Valdez, but to many of the businesses, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and others. Together, these entities will be charged with measuring progress toward achieving the goals outlined in the strategic plan.

* 9. Goals are the community's long-range anticipated state of affairs. Objectives are strategies or approaches toward achieving the Goals, the "how" of the process. What positive changes would you make to Objectives? Are there Objectives you would add? Review the Goals and Objectives.

* 10. Milestones are deliverables--things--that help achieve the stated Objectives.
What are the top Milestones that the Community should complete? To see potential Milestones suggested by the Planning Cells, click here: Review the potential Milestones.

* 11. The City of Valdez currently spends more than twice the amount of money (on a per capita basis) than most all other Alaskan communities of similar size, on things like capital projects, government services, and schools. The City will likely not be able to maintain its current level of spending indefinitely. What would you change to enable the City to remain financially viable in the future?

* 12. How can the Community get people more involved in seeing the plan's recommendations implemented?