Description of the research project

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My name is A. Mafalda Carapuço and I am a PhD student at University of Lisbon in geology, coastal dynamics. My research is focused in improving coastal knowledge transfer between researchers and managers.

It’s well recognized that the scientific knowledge on coastal dynamics should contribute to coastal zone management. However, so far, most of the scientific advances on coastal processes have been conducted almost exclusively by the research community; the data sets and results are made available in ways that suit that community, but frequently preclude direct application in coastal management. Moreover, there is a lot of site-specific information that is frequently detained by managers, or other stakeholders, which is often overlooked by the research community.

This stresses the importance of developing mechanisms to improve knowledge transfer between coastal researchers and managers aiming, namely, at improving the incorporation of scientific outcomes in management instruments.

In this context, the following questioner aims to identify briefly (5 minutes) if in your research activity is there are any constrains related with the coastal knowledge transfer to coastal managers.

*** Please note that the responses should be based on your individual experience ***

If you would like further information regarding my research, to contribute more to the study, or if you would prefer to complete this survey over the telephone or by e-mail, please feel free to contact me:

A. Mafalda Carapuço
Phone: +351 217 500 376

Thank you in advance for your participation.