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👋Hey there, aspiring fundraisers! Do you want to build your skills and help your organization grow? ESAA is here, to the rescue! 💪

❗️We partnered up with the education experts from Confia International to help you reach your highest potential. But in order for our personalized trainings to be built, we need your valuable insight! 😎

Fill in our 2' survey and let's grow our network even stronger!

The results of this questionnaire will help us determine what product best suits your needs. We will ask for your email later (optional) so that we can get in touch with you when the webinars get released. Your personal data will not be shared with 3rd parties.

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* 1. Have you ever applied for an ESAA/Erasmus+ grant?

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* 2. If yes, tell us more about it! (eg. was the application successful, what was the topic).

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* 3. If not, please specify why.

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* 4. On a scale from 1 (never heard of) to 5 (extremely familiar), please rate how familiar you are with each of the following topics.

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Grant writing
Project management
Budget management
Partnership building

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* 5. We are planning to organise online webinars for ESAA volunteers to help them learn all about Erasmus+ and ESAA funding. Would you participate in such a webinar?

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* 6. Which of the following subjects would you be most interested in learning about?

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* 7. Get notified when our webinars are released!

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* 8. .

About Confia International:

We are enthusiastic education experts who strive to create a more cohesive and interculturally aware society. We support stakeholders in the fields of European Higher Education and Youth through training, research and consulting services.

In collaboration with ESAA we will be releasing a series of informative webinars on Erasmus+ funding! One of our main goals is to support NGOs and help volunteers reach their highest potential. This is why we are asking you to take our 2min survey and offer your valuable insight.

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