About the Artists In Schools program

Thank you for your interest in the Artists In Schools program in Juneau!

NOTE: Before starting ​a Mini-Grant application schools will need to:
• Complete AIS Intention Form- online form submitted by Principal or AIS Liaison
• Determine an art form and ​confirm with a ​Teaching Artist(s)
• ​Consult with ​Teaching Artist(s) to design residency and define school goals for student learning in the art form​
• Review application questions: AIS Mini-Grant Questions

1 application = 1 residency
Schools are eligible to request one, two or three weeks for a residency which will be ​awarded based on funding availability and ​number of students to be served. Historically in Juneau, the large elementary and middle schools receive funds for 2 or 3 week residencies; secondary and small schools have received funds for 1 week residencies. This may vary depending on demand and available resources.

Schools may also request/seek collaboration with more than one Teaching Artist on one residency, with each receiving the full week's $1000 contract.​ This would qualify as a 2 week residency. ​

An Artist In Schools ​"​week​"​ is defined as 35 artist contract hours, with a minimum of 20 hours of direct student contact. (not limited to one calendar week) There is flexibility in the scheduling to meet school and Teaching Artist needs​ and fit the residency design.​

​Teaching Artists receive $1000 for 1 week/35 contract hours. $550 is funded through this grant with a $450 match by your school. Any supply expenses are the responsibility of the host school, and must be determined with the artist for the school to purchase (reimbursements are discouraged by the school district). Teaching Artists and schools are welcome to add additional hours to the AIS grant contract with the understanding that the school would be responsible for covering additional fees/payments agreed upon with Teaching Artists.

Please be thorough in your responses, particularly regarding the SCHOOL GOALS for the program. The goals should ​be developed with the Teaching Artist and ​represent desired student learning in the art form. If the ​Teaching ​Artist agrees that the residency will include an arts integration focus, content learning goals should also be included.

IMPORTANT: Please note that information included in your application will form the basis of the school's residency program for the year, and will be attached as a part of the formal contract with the ​Teaching ​A​rtist.​ ​After the residency is complete - you will be required to clearly report on how the goals were assessed and if they were accomplished.

Thank you for your participation and commitment to student learning in and through the arts!

This program is made possible by funding and support from The Alaska State Council on the Arts, the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council, Rasmuson Foundation and the Juneau School District.