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* 1. Introduction:
Artist, Caroline Harroe is offering an incredible opportunity to reclaim your story and give back to the community, all through her amazing artwork. By taking part in her project, you can help raise awareness of overcoming life adversity and mental health struggles and create a more compassionate view of these experiences within society.

If you’d like to contribute your story to this meaningful cause, Caroline will be able to assist you in turning it into a unique piece of art. She promises that no identifying information will be included in the work – only the raw emotion behind your experience will be portrayed for all to see. The portrait will then be sold, with a percentage of the proceeds being donated back into the support system for individuals struggling with mental health issues.

You will receive a signed print of the work.

Caroline’s project is an inspiring way to reclaim your story and make a real difference in the community. To find out more about taking part, don’t hesitate to get in touch with her directly.
Otherwise let your voice be heard by completing this form and join this incredible movement today!

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