HeroWork is an innovative charity that transforms other charities by renovating their buildings.

We partner with registered charities (i.e., that can issue tax receipts) to design, plan, and execute transformative renovations that have a wide range of benefits:
  • Costs the partner charity only 38% of fair market value;
  • Is completed in a fraction of the normal time;
  • Builds awareness and community support for partner charity mandates; and
  • Removes for-profit motives from the process.
These renovations are delivered through large-scale multi-week community volunteer events we call “Radical Renovations.” These events are like an extreme makeover or old-time barn raising, where over 100 companies and hundreds of trade and non-trade volunteers come together to complete comprehensive renovations.

Impacts include:
  • Expanded and enhanced delivery of critical services for vulnerable populations;
  • Revitalized neighbourhoods;
  • Improved cost efficiencies and fiscal sustainability;
  • Upgraded safety measures; and
  • Enhanced staff and volunteer efficiency and morale.
Because we are establishing a new HeroWork Chapter in the Lower Mainland, we need to understand the state of charity buildings in your community. We are seeking your help as a registered charity to create a picture of charity physical infrastructure to share with community leaders. 

All information provided by you will be confidential and prepared into a final summarized report which, when complete will be shared with you.  Any information contained in your survey will be anonymized before being incorporated into the final report.  If you do not wish to complete the survey, you may withdraw at any time by simply closing the survey and no information will be recorded.  By continuing to the survey, you are giving HeroWork your consent to use the data provided in an anonymous aggregate form, as part of a report for sole use of HeroWork.  

Depending on how many buildings you occupy, this survey will take 8 to 20 minutes to complete. This survey is best completed on a computer or tablet.
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