ACLS 2017 Fall Workshop

Thanks for your interest in this workshop. Please understand this is ONE workshop with two meetings, NOT two independent workshops.

The materials to be submitted are:

Proposal (no more than five pages, double spaced, in Times New Roman 11-point font)

One-page timeline for the expected completion of dissertation writing and defense/filing (see sample timeline available on the ACLS website:

Optionally: Up to three additional pages of images, musical scores, or other similar supporting non-text materials.

Bibliography (no more than two pages) 

Materials must be submitted as a single file in PDF format. 

The elements of the file must be in the above order; 
1.) Proposal
2.) Timeline
3.) Optional Additions
4.) Bibliography

The file must be names with the participant's last name, e.g. Risjord.pdf. 

Workshop 1: Saturday, September 16 (9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)
                      Callaway S103

Workshop 2: Saturday, September 30 (9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)
                       Callaway S103

ALL mandated aforementioned materials must be submitted for participation to be considered. 

Email all materials (as outlined above) to Erica L. Knight at, by the deadlines as listed on:

Question Title

* 1. Full Name (Please use the name as listed on your academic record) 

Question Title

* 2. Program (Please do not use acronyms) 

Question Title

* 3. Emory email

Question Title

* 4. Student ID Number

Question Title

* 5. Advisor

Question Title

* 6. Current year of study?

Question Title

* 7. Have you received a grant before?

Question Title

* 8. If yes, what was the name of the grant?