GCU Life Groups Survey

We're starting Life Groups to help one another become more like Jesus. They are people not meetings. In other words, you can be a part of a Life Group even if you can't ever attend its meetings. If you've got any questions please get in touch with one of the elders.
1.Name, physical address and email address(Required.)
2.If you're not a member of Grace Church, would you like to join a life group (regardless of whether you'd want to attend meetings)?(Required.)
3.Would you like to attend a life group meeting with bible study, discussion, and prayer?(Required.)
4.Would you like to have dinner with your life group?(Required.)
5.Which evening would work better for you - Tuesday or Thursday?(Required.)
6.What time would work best for you?(Required.)
7.Would you like to host? Would you still be able to go along if you didn’t?(Required.)
8.How often would you realistically attend a weekly meeting?(Required.)
9.Do you have any other constraints that it’s worth us knowing as we plan the groups?(Required.)
10.Do you have any other comments about life groups?(Required.)