* 1. Have you or any member of your household participated in a program or service offered by the Montrose Recreation District during the past year?

* 3. How important is it to fund improvements to recreation, parks, trails, and open space services compared to other Montrose community priorities, such as police, fire, library, or streets?

* 4. What are the top 4 most important to you and members of your household?

* 5. Please mark all the ways you have learned about recreation programs and activities.

* 6. Are you a resident of the Montrose Recreation District?

* 7. How can MRD best improve its service to the community (e.g. facilities, programs, services)?

* 8. What is the greatest need not already provided in Montrose that the Recreation District should help provide?

* 9. Please indicate your age group:

* 10. Are you interested in being involved in the community recreation center feasibility study and providing feedback to the 3rd party consultants?

* 11. The following is OPTIONAL