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* 4. What is your main source of information on Argo?

* 5. What improvement would you recommend for the Argo Project Office website ?
main issues: What is Argo, Why Argo, Steering team, Science, Data Use, Newsletter, Bibliography

* 6. How well are you satisfied of the Argo Information Centre services ?

* 7. What improvements would you recommend for the Argo Information Centre web site ?
main issues: International Coordination, Operations, Support, Monitoring

* 8. What improvement would you recommend for the Argo Brochure?

* 9. You plan to use Argo data for:

* 10. You area of interest is:

* 11. Where do you access Argo data?

* 12. What data format do you prefer?

* 13. How often do you download Argo data?

* 14. You access data at GDACS via:

* 15. Which data files do you use at GDACs?

* 16. Which additional data you would like to use?
(This implies equipping the floats with new sensors)

* 18. How well are you statisfied with the data access on the GTS of WMO?

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General data access
Data quality
Data timeliness
Data quantity
Data accuracy

* 19. What do you think of the Argo data support ?

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Response to queries

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