What is Intentional Peer Support (IPS) in Oregon?

IPS in Oregon!!
Intentional Peer Support (IPS) is the model used in various Peer Delivered Service areas.  Intentional Peer Support is approved by Traditional Health Worker for the Office of Equity and Inclusion (THW-OEI) for all Peer Support Specialist Roles in Oregon as well as Addictions Counselors Certification Board of Oregon (ACCBO) for Certified Recovery Mentor (CRM).
IPS also offers 40 Professional Credit Hours.

IPS is used as a foundation. IPS identifies 3 Principles of growth through the relationship:
From Help to Learn        
From Fear to Hope      
From Individual to Relationship

Using the 4 tasks in this model, we address:

Connection…Maintaining a Peer connection isn't always easy, but it’s possible

World View…identifying our own and another’s unique values, beliefs and stories to embrace “multiple truths”

Mutuality…learning together how we relate as peers, both of us deciding what makes our relationship work

Moving towards…creating a new story for our lives, instead of focusing on moving away from what we don’t want

We all have our own “worldviews” and we thrive when they have been validated. We all have our own stories and some of us want to change what we have come to know.  Creating a new and exciting story with another peer is wonderful!   This allows us to stop dragging around the old baggage.  We do this with seeing the world in a whole new way.  You can too!  In our training we will practice IPS through various role plays, activities, videos, and demonstrations.

Other topics to be covered during the training include:
Trauma, Crisis alternatives, Ethics and Boundaries, Abuse Reporting, HIPAA, CSX Movement, and Progress Notes

About Training Facilitator:
Angel Prater works for Lifeworks NW as the Director of Peer Services and is a Certified National IPS Trainer.  Angel says, “Recovery became a new way of life, living without the use of drugs and now a life of mental wellness and stability.  I made a promise to take all of my life challenges and turn them into something good, I promised god that I will help those who are struggling to know that no matter what there is hope! IT CAN BE DONE!”  For the past 21 years Angel has shared her experience strength and hope without shame or guilt so that maybe it may inspire someone else to share theirs and help others.  As the famous movie says, let’s “Pay it forward!”
Certification Requirements:

You must complete all 5 days to receive an IPS Certificate.  This training is universal and is appropriate for anyone wanting to work in human services as a “Human Peer”.<

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