25% of survey complete.

The Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education constantly reviews its curriculum to make sure that it is preparing students to be effective teachers. We would appreciate it if you would complete this short survey on your preparation for teaching.

Following the short answers, there is the opportunity to provide your thoughts regarding your preparation.

This survey can be completed anonymously. However, at the end of the survey you will have the opportunity to share your name and email with us, if you choose.

Again, thank you for taking the survey. We look forward to your feedback.

* 1. Please provide us with information about your date of graduation and your major.

* 2. Please indicate how well you think you were prepared in each of these areas through your program of study.

  Excellent preparation Good preparation Average preparation Poor preparation
Knowledge of schools and their relationship to society
Knowledge of human development (social, intellectual, motor)
Managing student behavior in the classroom and/or gymnasium
Knowledge of classroom management and organization
Knowledge of curricular goals in your teaching field
Indepth knowledge of the content area of your teaching field
Knowledge of a variety of instructional strategies for teaching content in my teaching field
Knowledge of strategies for meeting the needs of diverse learners
Knowledge of how to use technology to support instruction
Ability to compose long range, unit and daily plans for instruction
Ability to present a lesson with organization and clarity
Ability to design assessment and evaluation instrucments of student learning
Ability to work with other education professionals, community leaders, and students' parents/guardians
Abilty to self-reflect as a means to enhance teaching effectiveness and guide professional development