We're looking for your advice on programs for radio and TV!

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* 1. With "Car Talk" going off the air, what would be your FIRST CHOICE for a radio program to air Saturday morning in its place?

* 2. What type of TV program would you most like to watch Saturday mornings?

* 3. What types of program would you most like to see on WVPB TV Saturday evenings?

* 4. In general, do you want to hear more, the same or less of these types of radio programs?

  More programs Same Number of Programs Fewer programs
Classical music (such as Performance Today)
News (such as Morning Edition)
Interview and storytelling (such as Fresh Air)
Entertainment (such as Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me)
Food, travel and how-to (such as The Splendid Table)
Popular music (such as Mountain Stage)

* 5. Would you like to see more, the same, or fewer TV programs in each of these categories?

  More Programs Same Number Programs Fewer Programs
Food and Travel
Science and Nature
Music and the Performing Arts
News and Public Affairs
Drama and Mystery
History and Culture
How To (Gardening, sewing, woodworking, home repair, etc.)

* 6. Is there anything else you would like to say about our TV and radio programs?