#SheToo Survey

The #SheToo Campaign is about listening to older women who experience sexual abuse/assault. It recognises that the #MeToo Movement empowered women who already had some degree of empowerment (social media access, independence from perpetrator, speech/communication and cognitive abilities). It also recognises that some older women cannot speak up - and many who do speak up, report that we are not listening. 

The #SheToo Campaign is co-produced by 96 year old Margarita Solis – whose life was transformed by those who listened when she reported sexual abuse. Margarita is a Fellow of the Elder Leadership Academy and her Fellowship focuses on resources for preventing the sexual abuse/assault of older women. You can read more about Margarita's experiences and watch her film by clicking the link here.

The #SheToo Campaign includes a webpage about listening to older women, a social media campaign and this survey. It is being coordinated by Dr Catherine Barrett, Director of the OPAL Institute - and it is part of the Power Project, preventing the sexual abuse/assault of older women. #SheToo Campaign is a collaboration between the OPAL Institute, part of the Celebrate Ageing Program, Senior's Rights Service, Aged and Disability Advocacy Australia, CASA Forum, Gold Coast Centre Against Sexual Violence and HelloCare.

The #SheToo Survey 
You are invited to complete a brief survey to share your perspectives on the sexual abuse/assault of older women and the importance of listening.

The survey includes eight questions and will take around 15 mins, depending on how much you write. 

Your responses to this survey will be analyzed and included in brief community report that will be made available on the #SheToo webpage. The report will be shared with Elder Abuse and Sexual Violence services. The survey results will also be included in a submission developed by Dr Barrett for the Royal Commission into Aged Care.

There are no questions on the survey that reveal your identity. When you complete the survey you can check to make sure you have not included any identifying information. 

If you have any questions about this project you can contact Dr. Catherine Barrett on 0429 582 237 or email: director@celebrateageing.com

If you would like more information about sexual abuse/assault you can visit the 1800RESPECT website: https://www.1800respect.org.au/ or phone their 24 hour information service on: 1800 737 732.

If you would like more information about the sexual abuse/assault of older women visit the Power Project webpages by clicking the link here

Question Title

* 1. Is there a story about the sexual abuse/assault of older women in Australia that you would like to share?

Question Title

* 2. How would you describe the responses of service providers and others (how well did they listen)?

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* 3. Is there anything you would like us to include in our submission to the Royal Commission into Aged Care?

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* 4. Is there anything you think the National Strategy to Prevent Elder Abuse (including sexual abuse) needs to consider?

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* 5. Are there any other comments you could make?

Question Title

* 6. How do you describe your gender?

Question Title

* 7. Which of the following best reflects the perspective from which you are writing? (please tick one)

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* 8. In which of the following states/territories do you mostly reside? (please tick one)

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