The USCCB Secretariat of Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth is exploring what Catholic resources and ministerial needs exist regarding helping young people (youth and young adults) recognize and create healthy interpersonal and dating relationships, and avoid unhealthy ones, especially sexually abusive situations. Your feedback will be helpful in assessing this concern and finding ways to move forward nationally on this issue.

* 1. What are the top three biggest issues facing youth and/or young adults regarding healthy interpersonal and dating relationships? (select three from the list below)

* 2. In your experience, how are issues of healthy relationships and domestic abuse/violence addressed in awareness or educational programs for youth and/or young adults?

* 3. How are the initiatives (in Q1) received? What works well with young people? What doesn't?

* 4. How do you approach conflict resolution, recognizing and preventing abuse (sexual, domestic, etc.), and advocating against violence in your ministry setting?

* 5. What more would you like to see around the topic of recognizing and creating healthy interpersonal and dating relationships? What's missing?

* 6. In what manner does the training and formation of youth and young adult ministry leaders, catechists, teachers, and church leaders prepare them to respond to questions about relationships, sexuality, violence, or abuse?

* 7. What resources do you use to respond to the issues of interpersonal relationships, dating, abuse, violence, and sexuality in your ministry setting?

* 8. Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.  If you have further thoughts or comments on these issues that would be helpful to Church leadership, please share those here.

* 9. What ministries do you primarily work with?

* 10. What is your primary setting for ministry?