1. I. Background Information

* 1. What degree did you earn from LWC?

* 2. If you earned an undergraduate degree from LWC, what was your undergraduate major?

* 4. If you earned a Master's Degree at Lindsey Wilson, what was youf field of study? (Mark all that apply.)

* 6. When you were a student were you a

* 7. What is your current personal status?

* 8. How many children do you have?

* 9. Please indicate if you have children in the age ranges below. Mark all that apply.

* 10. What is your gender?

* 11. Thinking back to when you started college, how would you say your family's standard of living compared to all American families? How would you place yourself today? Just give your best answer in each column.

  My family when I started college Me, today
Far below average
Below average
Above average
Far above average