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* 1. I've recently changed the color scheme and layout of BobAtkins.com. If you were familiar with the old site desgin do you think the new design is:

* 2. I've placed a search box at the top left of each page. Have you tried using the search function?

* 3. Most of the site navigation can be done from the dropdown menus and links which appear at the top of each page. Do you think this navigation scheme is

* 4. Given that the web is full of sites which offer free photo galleries (e.g. Flickr), would you have any interest in seeing yet another one, this time part of BobAtkins.com?

* 5. Would you be interested in seeing a classified ads section on the site, mainly for Canon EOS equipment. These would be person-to-person ads. The site would play no role in any transactions other than providing space for the classified ads. Buyer beware!

* 6. Where do you shop for MOST of your photographic equipment?

* 7. Which of these retailers would you be most likely to buy from, assuming they all had a similar price on an item?

  Amazon.com Adorama B&H Photo J&R Photo Calumet eBay Seller
First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
Fourth Choice
Fifth Choice
Sixth Choice

* 8. What's your overall opinion of these retailers, based on personal experience and/or reputation?

  Amazon.com Adorama Photo B&H Phoro J&R Photo Calumet Photo eBay
Very good
Not very good
I've never heard of them

* 9. Did you know that for purchasers in the USA, Amazon.com offers a 30 day moneyback guranteee, a free shipping option AND a 30 day price match (so that if their price goes down within 30 days of your order, they refund the difference)? [Note - I'm not pitching for Amazon, I'm just wondering how many people are aware of their policies!].

* 10. Any other comments you'd like to make?