Public input is very important to ascertain the community's needs and satisfaction of services offered. Please answer all multi-choice questions. Specific comments are strongly encouraged at the end of the survey.  Thank you.

* 1. Please rate the programs that you or your child participated in the last 12 months? (multiple answers)

  Very satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Very dissatisfied N/A
Adult Softball
Junior Lifeguards
Girls Softball League
Youth Basketball
Youth Soccer
Youth Futsal
Flag Football (2nd - 5th grade)
Kids' Club/Kids' Camp

* 2. What other types of leisure classes or programs would you or your child participate in, that the Recreation Department is not currently offering?

* 3. Do you have any other comments about our programs, events, services, and performance?

* 4. E-mail/Contact: (To notify you if your requested programs are offered)